Introduction and Welcome!

My name is Laurie Frazer, and I live on my farm in northern Minnesota, USA with The Pride of Shadowood, three dogs, and three very geriatric horses.

On my 13th birthday, my father gave me a gift certificate for the kitten of my choice … and this blog began. No, wait. A few years before that, my older sister came home with a “found” cat … and this blog began. Come to think of it, even earlier than that, I cuddled a kitten at a resort in Wisconsin where my family was vacationing … and this blog began. My youngest feline-related memory, however, involves lulling myself into tranquil bliss stroking a concrete cat doorstop at my grandmother’s house … and this blog began. OK, let’s face it. This blog began in that magic moment in my earliest life when my eyes first fixed on those of a feline … and I haven’t the slightest recollection when that occurred.

I know only that my love of cats, and all animals, is genetically and behaviorally linked to my mother. Although I have no memory of my dad ever having much to say one way or the other about the addition of another 4-legged family member, it was Mom who consistently folded when I or one of my siblings would appear with yet another needy stray in tow. Cats, dogs, rats, hamsters, mice, fish … even Siddhartha the water snake … all managed to find homes in our family. And then there was Uncle Albert, my first horse, who had a starring role in my life for a very long time. But horses are a matter for another blog. This blog is cat-focused, as has primarily become my life. This blog, also, is lovingly dedicated to my mom, who has led (enabled, in the truest sense) me down my animal-loving path which delivered me into this menagerie of Turkeybutts, Monkeys, and Crabbies, OH MY!

To be honest, this blog is likely to evolve into a jumble of cat-related topics. My intention is to entertain and inform. I will introduce you to my cat clowder and tell stories of their histories, personalities, relationships, antics, and struggles. Because I spend so much of my days tending to their various health concerns, you will often find me writing about feline health-related topics and veterinary issues. You may even find the occasional rant about naughty feline behaviors with which I am faced on an all-too-frequent basis. Oh, did I mention that there will be LOTS of cat photos posted here, as well? Beyond all, I hope that my love and admiration for these complex creatures will shine through every blog entry.

And so it begins (Thanks, Mom) …

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