A Brief Timeline of Feline Arrivals at Shadowood

When my ex-husband and I bought our farm, Shadowood, in 1979, we moved in with two cats, Tempest and Pea (Sweet Pea for about the first five minutes of our acquaintance).

Tempest and Pea

Tempest and Pea

For a brief period, we expanded our family by one very rowdy male kitten, who we named Zeke. Tragically, Zeke passed shortly after we adopted him. Tempest, who was elderly when we moved here, joined him a couple of years later.


Tommy – mother of Pretty, BooBoo, and Lamie, and aunt of Noddy and Capri

Pea became the sole feline entity and Queen of the Domain here at Shadowood until 1995, when tragic circumstances landed Tommy and The Babies in our midst.

After weaning The Babies, I rehomed Tommy with a friend of mine with the understanding that I would take her back if the need ever arose.


The Babies

The Babies – Pretty, BooBoo, Noddy, and LamieNoddy and CapriThe Babies – Noddy and Capri


Billy and Bitsy

Billy and Bitsy

I had gotten divorced in 1986. A couple of years later, I invited a new significant other, Joe, to move in with me. The year after The Babies joined our family, we knocked down the old house and stayed temporarily in the house of a friend’s elderly parents while our new home was being built. My friend’s parents had both recently passed on, leaving a houseful of cats and dogs in need of new homes. My friend already had a full complement of dogs and cats of her own, so she offered to let us stay in her parents’ house if we would take care of their animals while she made other arrangements for them. When we were ready to move into our new home, we adopted two of those cats, Billy and Bitsy.



Pea passed away on Mother’s Day 1999 at nearly 23 years of age. Later that same year, Capri went out on one of his farm forays and never returned. Our feline pride then held steady at six until a slow parade of stray, semi-feral, and feral cats began with Weasel’s arrival in 2001.






Bartholomew (Mew)

Bartholomew (Mew)

In 2002, Bartholomew (Mew) joined the parade












followed by Somer in 2003











and Annabelle in 2004.









I’ll pick up the cat parade again tomorrow, starting with 2005.

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3 Responses to A Brief Timeline of Feline Arrivals at Shadowood

  1. mrwhatsit says:

    Hi Laurie – I like your first blog. First of all the narrative is liberally smattered with images of interesting felines; nice quality pics too, btw. You’ve had a lot of cats in your life. (I’ve had a few..Kooks, Birds, Moon, Pebbles, Fluff City, Pusspuss and now only Meribelle, but you’ve had a LOT. (I wonder if there’s a way to underline words here, eliminating the necessity of having to use cap’s…. I’ve had a WordPress account for years because of a friendship that developed between me and a girl/author who lives in Pondicherry, India and only blogs on this site; but I’m old and the ‘Dashboard’ seemed to require to much effort to master and I’d been used to using the now- defunct, previous gold standard of all blogging sites – Yahoo360 – which had spoiled me with it’s super-accommodating degree of user-friendliness, and then…. Well, then, just as I was about to FORCE myself to learn the intracacies of WordPress, along came Multiply, so there was no longer a need. Multiply was an excellent site for blogging in nearly all respects and virtually all of the contacts I’d developed while blogging on ‘360’ made the migration to the new site; one made inferior mostly by it’s darth of members in comparison to what Yahoo had had. (Multiply never much exceeded 11 million total members, while ‘360’s total enrollment was 20 times that. Over the course of 2 or 3 years I turned out a total of about 500 posts and my page-read tally was just over 20,000 on ‘360’. The numbers were much smaller on Multiply and as a result the incentive to blog regularly was nearly absent by comparison. ) Say, I just noticed that this box only has enough room to contain 12 lines of dialogue, but worse….there’s seems to be no way to back up to the lines you wrote before your words entered the box. And the reason that’s worse is because, haven’t having gotten much sleep last night on top of a satisfying supper a short while ago, followed by a brief nap and then a 2 mile walk around the neighborhood has left me with absolutely no memory of how I got onto the topic within which I now find myself. (Wish I could make a funny face right around here…something like a chicken face or something equally capable of conveying my current lack of intercranial functionality…) Ok, well, just forget everything I’ve said up ’til now and I’ll start over! /// Hi Laurie! Long time no see! I enjoyed reading your first entry at this site! You’ve had quite a lot of cats and 23 cat years is somewhere in the neighborhood of 104 in human equivalancy….it’s seriously old. Enjoyed all of your cat pictures, especially those of Mew and Weasal. Mew’s image projects an attitude which I can’t quite pin down, but which I find fascinating. And one last thing – just in case by some miracle all of this comment somehow manages to fit in an expanded version of this box – …..You have a real knack for naming things, cats in particular, which I can’t help but envy. I’ve always had a deep internal block of some sort when it came to naming things. All sorts of things. Any kind of thing. Cats, dogs, cars, etc., going all the way back to the stuffed animals of my childhood. Names for animal friends in particular just don’t come when I want them too, and when they do I spend the rest of their lives wondering if I couldn’t have come up with something better. (Pebbles wasn’t a bad choice, but my ex came up with that in about a tenth of a second. I’d still be struggling with it 10 years after it’s demise.) So it occurred to me: since you seem to have such a knack for such interesting names for our animal friends that their might be a market for a book of such things. I can’t be the only one stuck with this namophobic condition and besides, there are always little books of names for Human babies sitting near the check-out racks at the supermarkets, so why not write one for animals? And there could be seperate ones for dogs, cats, horses, weasals, snakes, reptiles, guinea pigs…all the way to stuffed animals. There are enough things that need naming to keep you busy for the rest of your life, should you so choose I’ll bet. And really, I’m not the only one who lacks the knack in that area, as evidenced by the number of Rovers and Dukes and Fluffy’s and Whiskers already wandering the earth in such an avalance of mind-numbing over-abundance. No, the world pets are in desparate need of a greater variety of monikers, and you may be just the one to contribute greatly to the solution of that problem.

    Oh, now I find out that it’s possible to make paragraphs without automatically posting a comment. I’d go back and make spaces and things so this’d all make for smoother reading but …sorry, there doesn’t seem to be any way to back up. (>insert shoulder shrugging emoticon here<).

    Well, again, it's been nice going through your first blog, Lauri. I'm looking forward to doing it again provided I don't find myself permanently banned for reasons of excessive verbosity.

    Meanwhile, I'm sure your mom will enjoy them, too, and appreciate the work you've put into them to ensure that they've come out as informative and enjoyable as this one was (even though I fear my comment may exceed the length of your post, for which I apologize. I'm tired is all, and when tired I just sometimes forget when to get off the train

    Hope you had an enjoyable weekend and that your weather's finally turning more Summery.
    (Please note: My last address is now obsolete; the new one, not yet recognized by WordPress, is doug8618@att.net ………you may wish to make the necessary alterations. Take Care and bfn!


    • mrwhatsit says:

      ps – There’s also no way to go back and patch up awkwardly constructed sentences, etc, is there? Inadvertantly sending out first drafts can prove to be an embarrassing proposition, as I just discovered. Well, next time I promise to keep my comments more reasonably sized. (Less words should, in theory, lead to less desire to redo huge swaths of writing without being able to do so. Either that or the concentration of my screw-ups will increase in proportionate density. Time will tell.) ttfn. 🙂

    • lfrazer says:

      Thanks, Doug. It’s a good thing you identified yourself at the end of your comment, because I didn’t have a clue who mrwhatsit is.

      As far as the photos are concerned, thanks again, but the photos I’ve posted so far aren’t by any means my best. I’m saving the best ones for the individual cat intros I’ll be posting over coming weeks and months. Mew’s photo depicts dignity and sophistication, in case you’re still struggling with the visual interpretation.

      Yes, indeedy, I’ve had a lot of cats. There will be more explanation of how that occurred in tomorrow’s blog entry.

      Naming cats – this is a task I only take on myself with kittens. With all adult felines, I just wait for them to let me know what their names are. A good topic for another blog entry, I would think, so I’ll just leave you with that little teaser for now.

      There is absolutely no need for apology re excessive verbosity. I am extremely happy and grateful that you have taken the time to both follow and comment on my blog entries. Verbose away!

      BTW, if you really want to rewrite your comments, you can email them to me. I can edit your comments through my admin pages, even if you can’t do the edits yourself. I’m too new to WordPress myself to know whether or not there’s a way for the author of comments to edit after submission.

      Now wait a minute. I just noticed a tiny “edit” link below my name just above this comment. Those tiny “edit” links appear above each of your comments underneath your name, as well. Can you see them?

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