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Being Prepared – A Pet Caretaker’s First Aid Kit

In my earlier post, Cat Health Procedures You Should Know How to Do, I listed a number of pet caretaking skills that can make the difference between full or partial recovery from an illness or injury, or, in some cases, … Continue reading

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Meet Lamie – Tough as Nails, Just Like Her Momma

Lamie is one of Tommy’s daughters, and the most similar in terms of character and behavior. Like her mother, Lamie is tough and intolerant, and like her mother, this toughness was tested early in life. When Lamie was a tiny … Continue reading

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“Natural Death” in Pets – A Painful Myth

In nearly six decades of sharing my life and home with non-human animals, I have yet to experience the passing of a pet who simply went to sleep and never woke up. I have, of course, read of these miraculously … Continue reading

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