About Me

Laurie FrazerMy name is Laurie Frazer, and I live on my farm in northern Minnesota, USA with The Pride of Shadowood, three dogs, and three very geriatric horses.

On my 13th birthday, my father gave me a gift certificate for the kitten of my choice … and this blog began. No, wait. A few years before that, my older sister came home with a “found” cat … and this blog began. Come to think of it, even earlier than that, I cuddled a kitten at a resort in Wisconsin where my family was vacationing … and this blog began. My youngest feline-related memory, however, involves lulling myself into tranquil bliss stroking a concrete cat doorstop at my grandmother’s house … and this blog began. OK, let’s face it. This blog began in that magic moment in my earliest life when my eyes first fixed on those of a feline … and I haven’t the slightest recollection when that occurred.

I know only that my love of cats, and all animals, is genetically and behaviorally linked to my mother. Although I have no memory of my dad ever having much to say one way or the other about the addition of another 4-legged family member, it was Mom who consistently folded when I or one of my siblings would appear with yet another needy stray in tow. Cats, dogs, rats, hamsters, mice, fish … even Siddhartha the water snake … all managed to find homes in our family. And then there was Uncle Albert, my first horse, who had a starring role in my life for a very long time. But horses are a matter for another blog. This blog is cat-focused, as has primarily become my life. This blog, also, is lovingly dedicated to my mom, who has led (enabled, in the truest sense) me down my animal-loving path which delivered me into this menagerie of Turkeybutts, Monkeys, and Crabbies, OH MY!

To be honest, this blog is likely to evolve into a jumble of cat-related topics. My intention is to entertain and inform. I will introduce you to my cat clowder, The Pride of Shadowood, and tell stories of their histories, personalities, relationships, antics, and struggles. Because I spend so much of my days tending to their various health concerns, you will often find me writing about feline health-related topics and veterinary issues. You may even find the occasional rant about naughty feline behaviors with which I am faced on an all-too-frequent basis. Oh, did I mention that there will be LOTS of cat photos posted here, as well? Beyond all, I hope that my love and admiration for these complex creatures will shine through every blog entry.

And so it begins (Thanks, Mom) …


2 Responses to About Me

  1. Cindy says:

    Hi Laurie! Love your blog! I too share your love of cats & the North woods. We are up by Marcell. My feline companions are Julio (tuxedo Maine Coon) and Ricco (seal point Rag Doll). It sounds like you have a fascinating life!

    • lfrazer says:

      Thanks, Cindy! It’s great to see a “neighbor” reading my blog. I’ll bet that with their long coats, your boys have been seeking cool places to sleep like my Pride have been doing during the recent heat. Mine are hanging out on the linoleum floors, on top of floor vents, or in the basement trying to cool off. Nice to have a little break in the heat today. Too bad it’s not going to last.

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